Dubai Aquarium

The Home To Diverse Range Of Aquatic Life

In Dubai Mall, there lies the world’s largest Aquarium known as “Dubai Aquarium”. The Aquarium is so vast and diverse that it can hold approximately 10 million liters of water. Moreover, you can find almost 33,000 eye-catching species of the Aquatic Ecosystem.

If you are a tourist or anyone who is planning to visit Dubai then you should visit this amazing giant Aquarium. You may have seen a lot of beautiful and large Aquariums but it is strange and mind-blowing to see one having sharks and penguins.

Despite that, you might have seen or wished to see such creatures but you have never thought of interacting with them. You will be amazed to know that this underwater observatory Aquarium allows you to interact with such voracious and horrific creatures.

Additionally, you can experience diving that gives you the feeling of being in a real ocean or sea. Just imagine it, and you will feel the urge to visit this beautiful and amazing Aquarium. Believe me, visiting this in real life is far better than your anticipation.

Dubai Aquarium Tickets And Expenses

Now you must be thinking about the ticket and costs of this marvel spot. So, it has only cost entry ticket and it is not more than $30. The ticket seems to be reasonable because of the unique and memorable experience it offers.

Annual Pass Offer

Moreover, You can get special discounts by getting an annual pass. Once you register yourself for an annual pass then you can 15% discount on shopping, birthday parties, photoshoots, and a discount on entry throughout the year for 4 members exclusive of the registered member.

Not only this you can get discounts of 10, 20, and 25% on shark diving, dive trips, courses, and cage snorkeling adventures. Dubai Aquarium Annual Pass also enables you to get priority in entry and enjoy many other perks. You can visit anytime even during holidays.

Address Of Dubai Aquarium

So, now let me know you about the address details of this beautiful and adventurous place. It is located in The Dubai Mall; شارع المركز المالي، – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, and you there you can have many other fascinations and adventures that you can be enjoyed.

Operating Timings of Under Observatory Dubai Aquarium

Furthermore, if you are looking for the open hours of Dubai Aquarium in 2021 so, here it is. From Sunday to Wednesday it remains open from 10 am to 10 pm. However, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday it operates from 10 am to 12 am.

Unique Species At Dubai Aquarium – Adventures to Enjoy

Dubai Aquarium has so many fascinations to offer you. There is a long tunnel that allows you to explore this magnificent aquarium from a 270 degree of angle. Likewise, it offers you the sight of enormous sea animals.

Apart from all the eye-enhancing sights, you can also interact with marine life. You can also have the experience of diving in this artificial sea. Diving in the sea is such a dangerous task and only a few people dare to do so. In this giant aquarium, you can dive and feel like the dive of an actual sea with minimum danger.

There are different adventures which give you pleasure and will be surely unforgettable experiences. The staff will also give you information about how they maintain this mind-blowing Aquarium and its marvel inhabitants.

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Encounter with Penguins – Gentoo Penguins

In Dubai Aquarium you will find Gentoo Penguins. They are among the species of Penguins that stays always near water as their food is dependent on it. They are similar to the other species of penguins and are facilitated by their streamlined body to float in water.

In 2008 this world’s largest aquarium was opened. After two years, in 2010, a new adventure of interaction with penguins was introduced. The reason is that it is something unique and captures the attention of visitors.

Furthermore, the environment, though artificially maintained, is completely suitable for the creature. The temperature is kept between 2 to 4°C to provide a natural-like environment for the Antarctic creature.

Additionally, a special light system is built in their regions that will maintain the life cycle and life patterns of penguins. This is not only a source of fascination for visitors but good for the environment. It also supports the preservation of this unique creature.

To make penguins happy and lively, there are areas where penguins can dwell on their natural activities. Also, there is a slide by which penguins can reach the pool.

There is a total of 16 penguins out of which 8 are male and 8 females. The visitors are guided about the patterns and habitats of penguins. Moreover, the visitors also get a chance to visit “Penguin Cove” for a close and more enhancing experience.

Crocodile Encounter ― The Most Horrifying Yet Exciting Experience

 In the world’s largest aquarium at Dubai Mall, one of the most dangerous but exciting experiences is waiting for you. Visit and get a chance to explore the world of nature by facing a crocodile couple.

The Queen Crocodile has the age of 80 while the male is 40 years old. You will meet a historical and oldest crocodile. He was in Botanic Gardens initially, measuring only 2.4m in length. Currently, it is almost 5m meters long and weighing up to 750kg.

Due to lack of management and handling issues of such dangerous species, the King Crocodile was moved to Australia from Botanic Gardens. From there it reached a more suitable place “Dubai Aquarium”, and it turned out to be the most voracious reptile on earth.

Therefore, visiting Dubai Aquarium has a lot of charm as it gives you encounters with real sea animals from a safer distance.

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Diving Among Sharks ― Explore The Wonders Of Aquatic Life

Are you an enthusiast of exploring the sea world or fond of having thrilling adventures in the sea? Here you go. The most fascinating Dubai Aquarium allows you to dive with sharks in an artificial sea with real marine diversity.

You will have a most charming experience of diving among a variety of sharks including; rare sand tiger sharks, Leopard and reef sharks, and Tawny nurse sharks. Moreover, you will get to see immense grasshoppers and stingrays in Dubai Aquarium.

Furthermore, there are certain terms and conditions that you have to follow for getting dive. Firstly, you need to have a diving certificate or else you have to attend training. Secondly, there is the age restriction. Children below 10 years of age are not eligible for having dive. Lastly, you have to fill a medical questioner if you are not a certified diver.

Moreover, you will be given a full kit of equipment required for diving. However, a swimsuit is not included and you need to purchase it separately.

The maximum dives per day are three with the space of 4 people in each slot. Two people will be allotted from the staff to guide you. One dive expert guides you regarding diving and another will be an instructor from “Al Boom Diving”.

Another worth knowing aspect is regarding the cost of diving which is not included in the entry ticket. You need to buy a separate ticket if you want to dive. It costs approximately AED 800.

If you need contact and booking details then You can contact and allot registration for diving on given contacts:

Call 04 3422 993

WhatsApp 056 829 6923 

or Email [email protected].

Other Diving Experiences

If you are afraid of full and direct dive then you can go for some other ways that can give you the same sort of experience in a safer way. So, let me tell you what other available options you can try.

Cage Snorkeling Experience: In cage snorkeling, you can experience the same excitement and adventures from a safer distance. In this, you don’t need to get in water directly. Instead, you will be diving in the cage with some instructors from the staff and will explore the amazing world underwater.

For this even 8 years old children are also eligible. You will get to see the beautiful sights of the underworld that will become your most cherished memories of life. In this dive, you will get to see some  70 different species and up to 300 sharks while being in a cage.

Scuba Discovering Dive: Having a desire to learn and explore at the same time? If yes, then the offer is for you. In this, you will learn how to dive by Al Boom Divers training and explore the beauty and charms of marine life.

It costs almost AED 1200 to guide you about diving and having wonderful experiences. Before jumping into the giant Aquarium you will be given guidance and proper instructions.

Cage Walking with Sharks: If you are the who is afraid of direct dive as well as wearing scuba then you must try this even safer option. In this, you will be given a helmet that contains oxygen (that is mainly worn by astronauts) by which you can breathe more easily.

Again this offers you to see the wonders of underwater while being in a safe cage. You can see and explore every fancy just being at a safer distance. It costs nearly AED 650.

Specialty Dives: Looking for a VIP experience at Dubai Aquarium? Then try this premium offer that you will certainly enjoy. This special dive offer will allow you to have three types of dives. Moreover, you can complete all three dives not different days if you want.

The first dive will allow you to dive among sharks by wearing scuba. In this way, you will have an adventurous and exciting dive.

Secondly, you will get a chance to learn about shark language through different gestures. Additionally, you will be guided about taking pictures on your own, or else you can ask for capturing pictures by special underwater cameras. You can buy those memories later on in some convenient way.

Last but not least, you will be given chance to join the shark feeding team. You can see how they feed sharks and even you can feed them as well if you want to do so.

You can have all these amazing experiences at the cost of around AED 2100.

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Meeting Otters ― The Tiny Creatures Of Asia

As I mentioned earlier that this massive Aquarium is home to lots of marine species. Therefore, here you will see the variations from the largest animals to tiny ones. After Sharks and Crocodiles here you see the fascinating and lovely creatures.

 If penguins are charming due to their friendly behavior towards humans then otters are charming because of their innocent looks. Moreover, they are wise. The way they act is amazing and you may get surprised to see such behavioral patterns.

They break shellfish by using rocks. The statement seems to be surprising but it is true. Another shocking thing about them is that they are carnivores.

Not only this but they are also strange for their eating in a way that they are so small but they eat a lot. It is said that they consume almost 20% of their body weight on regular basis. These unusual surprising patterns make them worth meeting.

The species of otter that is present at Dubai Aquarium is the smallest one. You will certainly enjoy the meeting with tiny charming creatures. You will also get information regarding otters from the staff.

Meeting With Rays And Feeding

After all the voracious and horrifying creatures there are some pleasant tiny creatures to have fun with. They are gentle and beautiful creatures to saw and interact with. You will get a chance to hold them and also a feeding chance.

These magnificent creatures are worth watching. You will surely have the most pleasant experience with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Dubai Aquarium Located?

It is located in “The Dubai Mall”. There are many other adventures inside the mall and “Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo” is among one such adventure.

2. Who is the owner of this magnificent Aquarium?

As the “Dubai Aquarium” lies within “The Dubai Mall” so the owner is the same. “Emaar Properties” owns The Dubai Mall and therefore, it is also the owner of this giant Aquarium.

3. What is the price of a ticket for visiting the Dubai Aquarium?

It depends upon the services that you want to take. If you want to visit this underworld zoo from the tunnel then it costs around AED 100. However, for more adventures and activities there are separate tickets and they are mentioned above.

4. What services are included in tickets?

Again it depends upon the type of services you want to have. Moreover, there are many discount offers and bundle offers that you can look for. However, food and shopping items are always purchased separately yet you can get discounts on them by registering for an annual pass.

Last Words:

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is considered to be marvelous and among the most adventurous places to be visited in Dubai. If you are interested in exploring the sea and marine life then you must visit this place. You will love to have such a wonderful and adventurous experience.

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