Adventure Desert Safari in Dubai

Adventure Desert Safari Dubai

To get an idea of the original landscape,  to obtain and as a fun diversion from shopping in the largest malls in the world, visit the world’s tallest building and beautiful weather to enjoy the beach, easy to book a time of desert safari in one of the local tour operators such as GO DUBAI DESERT SAFARI So with a ride through the dunes (Dune Bashing), dinner in the desert, belly dancers, hen house, hawks and traditional costumes as well as a ride on a camel. Sounds fun… But from the beginning, you were greeted by a driver from Blue Planet taken delivery at the appointed time at the hotel.

With a 4×4 Land Cruiser, it went on to pick up more participants at two other hotels nearby. Then it just went out of the city. We drove forever, but Dubai is not that big. It went past the Dubai Outlet Mall, at one of the airports and the camel race track to some extent left and right only delimited areas and sports-minded people with paragliders and quads in the red sand were to be seen. We were loud tracking already “short” of Oman and halfway to Hatta, as our driver abbot of the road, stopped and let some air out of the tires. The adventure in the Dubai Desert Safari could begin. Time, the new Kodak PixPro SP360 try, I just before the trip to be asked of expert have. The small handy action Cam also came with a lot of useful accessories. So, Cam in a housing packed and with the suction cup attached to the window.

Dune Bashing

Adventure Desert Safari Dubai – When I thought the driver could not drive more wild than on the road to the terrain, I had deceived myself basically. As a Berserker, he rushed to the car through the dunes. No wonder you would rather leave the tires out. Is better for gliding. Initially, the site was not yet traversed by too high dunes and fast was the first photo Stop reached – a playground for ATVs and buggies. Time, not only to let the sunshine on the fur but also to put your feet in the sand. Okay, the sand was everywhere, where you did not want him to be. No wonder that the jeeps were all lined with plastic covers.

Adventure Desert Safari in Dubai

But then it went really round. Not for weak stomachs. What a fun, Shaken as if in a centrifuge – and then the driver took a dune on which there were still no tire tracks. We did not get away, slanted in the dune, stuck and I had the feeling: the same the car tilts to the side. No chance. What seemed like an eternity to me was hardly 3 minutes. The driver was joking and we are still not sure how much show, experience, and panic really was in the game. He cranked back and forth, changing the gears in the second stroke – in the video, it looks extremely funny in the time-lapse as he cranks and cranks and the horizon is slowly moving. Romantic Sunset In Dubai Slowly but surely, the sun was setting and we reached the last Jeep second photo spot before it should go to the “Bedouin Camp”, where we waited for the dinner and the above mentioned other attractions.

Like The Old Bedouins But it quickly became cooler in the desert. No sun, no warmth. In the camp, we noticed this relatively quickly and were glad to have a hoodie despite the heat during the day. In “Bedouin Camp” we made with any kind of fun because it simply was a fun stop. Simon tried in the camel rides, I had a beautiful Henna tattoo on the right forearm and the right-hand drawing. After plenty of falafel and hummus, as well as other treats, Simon moved to the traditional robes with hawks before the belly dancer started the end of the evening. Then we had an Amazing fire show, Tanura show, and after that, we had the horse dancing. An hour later the camp activities finished and we started to pack up, took our things and the driver picked us up and dropped us at our hotel.

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